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                Lease Purchase Program 

                            Our program is honest and straight forward.

The Lautzenheiser & Associates Team has created a system that works for Buyers and Sellers creating a win-win situation for both parties. We will walk you through the process and give you a detailed outline. Our program works; once enrolled into the Home Hunter Program you’re ready to start looking for your home. Our team will represent your best interests at all times. We understand what you are going through; we understand that not everyone has perfect credit. We also understand that STUFF really happens in life; we are here to help you move past your current situation.
What is a Lease Option or Rent to Own? Simply put this allows a potential Buyer that does not qualify for a tradition bank loan because of credit score or lack of credit to move into a home as if you would purchase the property. During the time you have signed your agreement you are required to repair your credit so you can purchase the property at the end or before your contract terms come due. You are basically borrowing someone else credit; in addition, the seller is giving you a second chance to rebuild your credit!

How can I benefit from this and what are the advantages? There are so many benefits and advantages of entering into a Lease Program.

We have listed a few for you below; as follows:

1. You do not have to pay for major repairs.
2. Credit issues are ok allowing you time to repair your credit score and situation.
3. You have been given a second chance to start over.
4. The American dream is home ownership; you now are on your way.
5. Lock your purchase price of your home; your price is guaranteed.
6. Your living in a house not an apartment or rental.
7. Your improving your quality of life.
8. Repairing your credit will save you thousands of dollars over the years to come.
9. You can earn rent credits thus not wasting income on rent.
10. PEACE OF MIND and sense of pride.

I heard must Lease Option programs are the same? Wrong! To many programs, incorrect forms, and lack of knowledge can confuse and hurt a Buyer trying to rebuild their credit. We know the rules, partner you with a preferred lender who will understand your unique situation, and use the correct legal forms that protect your best interests at all times. If a program is telling you that you qualify because you have down payment and the desire to own a home their not being completely up front with you. We will not work with you if we feel you will not be able to purchase a home in less than 36 months. This is not fair to you or the Seller. We want you to succeed and not lose your down payment money.

Lautzenheiser & Associates only uses contracts that have been developed by Real Estate Attorney’s and approved by the Columbus Board of Realtors to ensure that our clients are protected at the highest standards in the market.

What types of Lease Option Programs are currently on the market? This is a great question and really important to understand! Here is a simple breakdown of what these programs look like and offer. We also include the pros and cons of each so that you can decide along with one of our experienced realtors which best matches your needs and desires.

All Programs include the following documents; as follows:

1) Detailed application

2) Full credit report and lender of opinion or suggestions from qualified licensed lender.

3) Additional items will be collected such as driver’s license, social security card, pay check stubs, and other supporting documents to ensure qualifications and purchase can be made within the specified time period per contract terms.

Additional Important Information: Regarding the following types of Lease (Option- Purchase) Programs on today’s market. We have not listed all the various types of items that can be included in the descriptions below such as rent credits, purchase credit if tenant/buyer is able to finance sooner than contract date, increased payments yearly if you do not purchase, and etc. Your Real Estate advisor will advise you on your best option and go over these in detail with you,  for each client’s case is different and based on personal preference.

Lautzenheiser & Associates Team requirements; as follows:

1. Tenant/Buyer (s) are encouraged to complete a Home Inspection and/or any other inspections we feel would be necessary such as: well, septic, structure, HVAC, termite, Radon, and etc. If tenant/buyer declines our suggestions you will be required to sign off stating that you understand that you are waiving your rights to inspection.

2. We require all clients to walk through the said property at least (2) two times and/or you must be at the property for (1) one full hour to ensure that you are seeing the property truly the way it is. We will not view properties late at night. We want our clients to see properties during the day to ensure they are not missing anything due to lack of daylight.

3. We will disclose the good and bad about the property so that you can weigh the pros and cons with our assistance.

4. Remember contracts are between Seller/Owner(s) and Tenant/Buyer(s) not Broker/Realtors. It is our job to counsel and represent your best interests and encourage you so that terms will be comfortable and fair to all parties.

5. Each tenant/buyer will go through a pre-qualification process, secure said services with Earnest/Down Payment check of at least $3K via (Cashier’s Check or Money Order), AND sign all required Real Estate Contracts such as Agency Disclosure, Fair Housing, and Consumer Guide to Agency relationships before we will start working or showing properties to any clients.


                      Lease Option Purchase Programs Description Page

Our Lease Hunter Program

1.  Complete our Lease Program Application.

2.  Conference Call will be scheduled to go over Lease Program Application.

3.  Complete additional documents needed for Lease Hunter Program; these will
     be sent to you by your Realtor after your Conference Call.   

4.  Meet with your Realtor to 1) Finalize paperwork 2) Written Plan of Action
     3) Collect Down Payment/Earnest Deposit 4) Review our Program.

5. Locate homes that fit your specific needs and price range.

6. Set up showings and view properties.

7. Find a property, make an offer, and work out all the details.
8. Finalize all terms of the contract and lease terms.

9. Set up and complete inspections, and complete remedy if needed.

10. Final walk through on property, seller/owner, tenant/buyer, and
     realtors meet to exchange first months rent (Cashiers Check or Money
     Order), and finally collect keys. 


12. Continue with your detailed plan of action regarding the purchase of your  
     home with your Real Estate advisor and lender to ensure success.

13. Any kind of changes that are made or that happen update your lender
     and Real Estate advisor immediately.


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What my clients are saying  

I am so happy that I found Danielle at her real estate company!! I was looking for a Lease to Own option, and I found the house I loved, and I was able to get into the house as a Lease Option for only $3000 down!!! I have never owned my own home before and within my first year, there I was able to purchase the home. I have recommended Danielle to my Daughter and Daughter in law who are both looking to Lease to Own their own home!! This is a wonderful feeling to own your own home, NO Landlord!! (smile!) If you are thinking if buying your own home and maybe needing to fix your credit a little, then talk to Danielle, you wont be sorry!!!


~ Debbie C.

We were introduced to Danielle Lautzenheiser by our mortgage company and they obviously knew what they were doing! As first-time home buyers, my husband and I were completely lost and Danielle was a teacher and advisor in addition to a realtor throughout the whole process. She didn’t show us homes that were outside our price range or “upsell” anything. Danielle worked within our budget, on our time frame, and was with us every step of the way. Because she helped us find the perfect home, we’re not looking to jump back into the real estate market any time soon, but ANYONE who even mentions an interest in buying or selling a home gets her contact information shoved at them, courtesy of me…I hope she doesn’t mind:)


~ Kim & Chuck A.

Danielle explained everything we needed to know as first time home buyers in our terms and she spoke with integrity and our best interests at heart. After seeing how she worked and her impressive credentials, we fully trusted her in the biggest financial decision we have ever made and we are more than satisfied with the home we have purchased. We refer Danielle to all our friends.


~ John & Abby

"I am very pleased with the home you helped me purchase. If it weren’t for you staying positive with all that happended along the way I would probably still be living in an apartment. You were always upbeat and truthful with me and I respected that very much! Again, I want to thank you for your positive attitude and your kindness. Thanks again for all your help during the home buying process!


~ Walter Brownlow

“I enjoyed the NHORN class. It was very detailed and informative. I feel I have absorbed a lot of information that will be useful for getting out of debt and saving money; and I would definitely recommend the class to others.” LJ


~ LJ

“Danielle's Team held an incredible Rent 2 Own class that was wonderful, everything was explained in detail especially the paying yourself first and that’s why were now saving like never before.” Letatia Ruff


~ Letatia Ruff

“I have been up for 27 hours, I worked 16 of those hours and this was worth my time and attention. It is a program (Rent2Own) I want to work with for me and my family.” RS


~ RS

June 16, 2010 we closed on your new home! We came to Lautzenheiser & Associates then called the Home Selling Team about 6 months prior to purchasing our home. Danielle's group worked with us on rebuilding credit, working with a lender, and keeping us focused on our dream. If it wasn't for Danielle's team we would not have been able to purchase our home. She stood by us all the way to the end! Thank you!


~ Chris & Starr H.

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